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STRIPCHAT - 50 मुक्त टोकन लीजिए!
STRIPCHAT - 50 मुक्त टोकन लीजिए!
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वर्णन: After a hardcore workout, Max invites beauty brunette Lucia and hot blonde Sasha to stay behind and work on some other muscles, namely glutes, and cock! Those perky asses have taken hours of squats and sweat to perfect, so they should be put to good use. See how they pop out when Lucia and Sasha are pleasuring Max with a two-girl blowjob? Perfection. But Max's muscle gets the hardest workout of all. Having to withstand all that ball licking. Watching Lucia's tongue flick at Sasha's nipples, then her fingers bringing Sasha's tight little pussy to orgasm. But Max is a hardcore fitness freak who likes to push himself as hard as possible. Even after all that work in class, he can handle Sasha riding his thick cock while Lucia rides his face. And like everyone knows, orgasm is the best way to cool down after pushing it at the gym, especially if you like the site of your cum dripping off the lips of a hot gym chick!
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  • 12.02.2024
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